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OBI/Conqueror Corporation warrants a limited manufactures warranty for every Camper/Caravan to the first retail consumer for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase under normal use and service for Chassis, Drawbar and Structure when used for its intended purpose of recreational travel and camping. All parts manufactured by OBI/Conqueror Corporation have a one (1) year warranty. Zippers, velcro, mesh, seals, or screens are not covered. This warranty begins on the date the first retail consumer purchaser takes delivery. By purchasing a Camper/Caravan from OBI/Conqueror Corporation or its authorized dealers, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions of warranty.  


  • Does not cover damage due to unauthorized modifications, misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper and irregular maintenance or accident. 
  • Warranties are not transferable. If an item is sold to a third party by the original purchaser, then all warranties become null and void, and the original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of the new owner. 
  • Does not cover any camper used for commercial purposes.
  • Does not cover normal wear and usage, such as fading or discoloration of soft goods (Tent, upholstery, drapes, screens, cushions, mattresses), fading or discoloration of wood, plastic or fiberglass components, tarnishing of aluminum or stainless-steel surfaces, tears, punctures, soiling, mildew, effects of moisture condensation inside the Camper, or mishandling, neglect, abuse, misuse, lightning or other acts of nature, or corrosive atmospheres which can result in rusting, oxidation or pitting. 
  • Minor imperfections, which do not affect the suitability of the Camper/Caravan for its intended use. 
  • Normal and routine maintenance such as inspections, lubricating, adjustments, tightening of screws, tightening of lug nuts, scaling, cleaning, or damages arising from the failure to have maintenance performed or improper storage as outlined in the owner’s manual and/or the component manuals. 
  • Wheel alignment or adjustments when caused by improper maintenance, loading or damage from road hazards, including off road travel, wheel damage or balancing, or damage resulting from tire failures. 
  • Costs incurred for onsite service, transportation of the Camper/Caravan to a dealer or costs incurred as the result of the consumer’s request to have repairs performed at a location other than an authorized dealership. 
  • Does not cover impact or damage to body or chassis. Soiling of fabrics and internal fitments from dust and other airborne substances. Water damage due to water crossings, movement or damage caused by dislodgement of appliances and fittings resulting from hard impact or heavy landings or severely rutted roads or tracks. General damage from misuse, rust, wheels and tires, batteries, paint and general consumables (bearings, light bulbs etc.) Damage due to condensation, normal wear and tear, exposure to elements, wear and tear when a camper/caravan has been used for commercial, rental, business or permanent living purposes. The Camper is designed only for its intended purpose of recreational camping and personal use.
  • OBI/Conqueror Corporation does not warranty Campers/Caravan used for commercial, rental, business or permanent living purposes. 
  • Tents are guaranteed to be in new merchantable condition at the time of purchase. A limited manufacturer’s warranty period of one (1 year) applies to Canvas. General wear and tear excepted. Zippers and mesh or screens are not covered. Poles and fittings are not covered. 
  • Taking your unit to a unauthorized dealership for warranty work can void your entire warranty without a certificate of authorization from the OBI/Conqueror Corporation warranty manager. 
  • Fridges are not warrantied by OBI/Conqueror Corp.
  • Batteries are not warrantied by OBI/Conqueror Corp.
  • Inverters/Battery Chargers are to be warrantied through the original manufacturer of the Inverter/Battery Charger. OBI/Conqueror will not be held responsible to warranty this item.


Unsold units on a dealer sales lot have a 120 day inclusive warranty on parts manufactured by OBI/Conqueror. Any unit past the window of lot warranty is subject to warranty denial on any damages, non-mechanical failures, weathering, misuse/abuse, or outside influence. 


Any part of the vehicle's structure is subject to warranty, which is found to be defective in material or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced at OBI/Conqueror Corporation option without charge to the customer for parts or labor.  


In the event that a substantial defect in materials or workmanship is found to exist in parts warranted by OBI/Conqueror Corporation, OBI/Conqueror Corporation will bear the cost of the repair or replacement of such defective materials or workmanship, provided that the owner: (A) Notifies Dealer that unit was purchased from of the defect in a timely manner. If you are traveling or have recently moved, contact the Dealer that unit was purchased from. (B) Follows instructions from OBI/Conqueror Corporation on how to get approved repairs. OBI/Conqueror Corporation will determine if there is an authorized service center within reasonable distance of the owner. If there is not an authorized service center near the owner, the owner will be required to get two written estimates, from any local RV dealer or RV service station, for the required repairs. (C) Schedules an appointment and promptly takes the Camper to the authorized service center for necessary repairs. (D) Pays any freight or transportation costs, or import duties or fees involved. No action to enforce this warranty shall be commenced after expiration of the warranty period. If the above steps have been taken and the repairs still have not been made, the customer should contact OBI/Conqueror Corporation.  

Warranty claims made for missing parts or damaged parts must be made before the camper is purchased from the dealer. If you report a part missing or damaged 72 hours after purchase of the camper, you will be held responsible to pay for the part you are claiming to be missing or damage

  • Any work done by a 3rd party service center is responsible for the work they have performed to the unit and will not be covered by OBI CONQUEROR CORP.
  • OBI/Conqueror Corp. will not be held responsible to pay any diagnoses charge from a unauthorized RV service center.
  • OBI/Conqueror Corp will not be held responsible to pay for any service work that was paid for by the owner of the camper without proper approval from our warranty department. We will follow our time allowance for each job and will ONLY cover what we allow for time per job. Anything over the time allowance we offer will be charged to the owner of the camper.
  • For battery coverage, we do not cover batteries that been stored improperly or batteries that have gone under min. recommended battery voltage.
  • We can not cover any warranty work that is outside of the USA.



Purchaser shall notify Dealer that unit was purchased from and deliver this camper for warranty service within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect, before the expiration of the warranty period. All incidental and consequential expenses incurred by Purchaser in obtaining warranty service shall be borne by Purchaser. No action to enforce this warranty shall be commenced after expiration of the warranty period.  


It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to perform the care, maintenance and assure correct load distribution as outlined in the OBI/Conqueror Owner’s Manual. Other, separate manuals outline additional component care and maintenance. Please review all manuals supplied with your unit and if necessary, contact the Dealer you purchased your camper from if you have questions. Any damage to the Camper/Caravan as a result of the Purchaser’s failure to perform such care, is not covered by OBI/Conqueror Corporation. 


OBI/Conqueror Corporation may make parts and design changes without notice and repair and replacements may be made with new or different parts. OBI/Conqueror Corporation reserves the right to make changes in the design or material of its products without incurring any obligation to incorporate such changes in any product previously manufactured.  


Please be advised that due to global shortages, some components/products (such as a refrigerator/freezer) may not be equipped in your camper/caravan. OBI/Conqueror is not responsible for providing a refrigerator/freezer in your camper/caravan if it was not included at the time of purchase from Dealer. 


You and any other user of OBI/Conqueror Corporation products shall not be entitled to any consequential or incidental damages, including without limitation, loss of use of the unit, inconvenience, lodging, damage to personal property, alternate transportation, phone calls, meals, lost income or earnings.  


The original consumer purchaser of this camping trailer and any person to whom this unit is transferred, and any person who is an intended or unintended user or beneficiary of this unit, shall not be entitled to recover from OBI/Conqueror Corporation or any consequential or incidental damages.  


Your continued confidence and goodwill are important to us at OBI/Conqueror Corporation as is maintaining a good relationship with our dealers. OBI/Conqueror Corporation recognizes that there may be occasions when a warranty or service problem is not handled to your satisfaction. We encourage you to attempt to rectify the situation by discussing the situation with your local dealership management; if after this your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, we welcome you to contact us at the below address. We will provide our recommendations for an agreeable solution to our authorized dealers.  



All warranty claims can be lodged by contacting your dealership. If you have any further questions relating to warranties, or are unsure about any aspect of this section, then please contact us.

Phone: 877-949-4226  

Address: 2340 W. Broadway Rd STE 104 Mesa, AZ 85202